My Cat’s Breath Smells Like Cat Food

By:  Dr. Hilary Slaven

It’s February again! Let’s celebrate pet dental health month by looking into your pet’s mouth. Are you seeing brown teeth or white? Are you blown away by bad breath? Consider having that tartar scraped off and teeth polished (just like you would with your own teeth!) We are re-posting this blog from last January about pet dental care. Enjoy!

West Central Veterinary Services

Teeth CleaningI think that I’m lucky actually that that’s all my cat’s breath smells like.

In this profession, we often have to have a hard stomach.  There are a lot of gruesome and unpleasant things that walk through our door, things that are hard to see and make our hearts stop for a second.  Situations that involve gloves and masks and eye protection.

I’m a parent and a veterinarian; I can handle vomit and drainage and diarrhea.

But MAN, some pets can walk in here and blow me away with their bad breath.

Clients will say, “Doc, I can’t hardly watch TV with Sophie anymore; her breath is too bad.  I give her biscuits and Greenies and she eats dry dog food, I don’t know what else to do, she wants to greet me but I can’t let her lick me with that nasty mouth.”

Most bad breath is a result of…

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