Remodeling the Veedersburg Clinic

wcvs 044From the outside, our Veedersburg Clinic might look the same as you’ve remembered since it was completely rebuilt in 1997.  (Built beside the old clinic, you might recall!)  From the inside, however, there have been some changes that took place over the summer.  Our home needed some freshening up.

We spent three months with construction, painting, and flooring experts giving us a newer face.  A much-needed third exam room was added, along with an additional office and cabinet space.  A beautiful straw color was painted throughout the clinic, giving it a brighter look.  We are still finishing up the final touches, hoping to get new decorations on the wall and get the cosmetic part of our remodel completed.

Our new floor was the hardest part of the remodel to work around but turned out wonderfully!  It is made of an epoxy that is durable, easy to clean and sanitize, and is beautiful.  As a staff, during the pouring of the floor it was difficult to be confined to our reception island for days on end (we got nice and cozy with each other!) but the finished product was well worth any discomfort.

We are happy now to be fully functioning again and so pleased with the final result!

Thank you to all of our clients that were so patient with our construction this summer.  We hope that our changes will help us to be more efficient for you and help you and your loved one to feel more at home when you come in to visit.  We invite you to come in and check us out!